DIN Activation after of 5 years of disqualification u/s 164(2)

Now What is Section 164(2) of Companies Act 2013, How a director attracts disqualification, What is DIN activation?

A company who has not filed it’s Financial statements or annual returns for a continuous period of 3 years renders all its person who is or has been directors disqualified for a continuous period of 5 years and consequently the director attracts disqualification under section 164(2) and he cannot appoint as a director in any other company until the process for the DIN activation is not started.


Now, everyone who is reading this blog knows about it.
The question is what happens when 5 years of disqualifications are finally over and you need your DIN again to incorporate a new company or need a directorship in company?

You have Two options
  1. File an application to ROC for removal of Disqualification. However, the Form DIR 10 is only a pdf document as e-form is pending for release
  2. File a petition to Hon’ble High Court and this process is not possible for every individual. Plus it’s not a cost-effective either.

Now simple thing is that If you are disqualified your DIN status must be showing “DISABLED”.
In such a case please refer below for an easy resolution.

What you have to do now?

  1. Download DIR 6 from Home (
  2. File the Form and update the PAN
  3. Attach a copy of PAN which is bears stamp & signature certification of CA/CS/CMA.
  4. Upload it to ROC
  5. Now wait for few hours and you’ll get your approval your DIN status will show as “ACTIVE”

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Key Points to be remembered before proceeding for DIN Activation
  • All this case belongs to the situation where a DIN is showing status as “DISABLED”
  • This is only possible after completion of 5 years of disqualification

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